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Owning a good pair of in ear monitors can mean the difference between irritation and jubilation. Finding one that is comfortable and isolates the sound you’re after is paramount in reaching the goals that you set. An inadequate pair will only set you back time AND money. There are certainly a lot of great options on the market to turn too — ones that are durable, practical, work great and last long.

When I was searching for my own pair, there wasn’t a load of solid information out there regarding IEMs and where to buy them, let alone whether they were good or  not. Consequently, that’s the reason I created BestInEarMonitors.net. My name is Sam and when perusing this website, my hope is that you’ll pick up a thing or two on in ear monitors that will lead you on your way to owning a pair yourself. Want to comment on one or recommend another? Use this contact form to reach me.

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