Best Audio Technica In Ear Monitors – ATH-IM70 and ATH-IM02

If you’re looking for an in-ear monitor system for your music, you’re really making an investment. As a1006576A musician, you need something that’s high-quality, discreet, and able to accurately transmit sound back to you and your band without distortion so the audience hears exactly what you’re hearing.

Sound engineers in particular need the best IEMs they can get; they need a sturdy, reliable set of IEMs to make sure they can get an accurate sound picture from the band to the venue, while those based in the studio need to make sure everything balances accurately for recording.

Even audiophiles need a reliable set of IEMs to get the most out of their other high-end devices and truly appreciate their music. As such, it makes sense for you to do your homework before buying a set of earbuds and see what everyone else is using. If you want the same quality that’s trusted to the US Congress, the Grammys, and the World Cup, you should check out the Japan-based Audio Technica.

Below, we’ve got a few prime examples of Audio Technica in ear technology, all priced to be perfect for your musical needs. The ATH-IM70 and ATHIM02 awaits….

#1 – Audio Technica ATH-IM70 Dual Driver

At first glance, these IEMs look a little different, but not terribly special; you’re seeing an oddly shaped body design on a set of dual-driver IEMs that just look less comfortable than a pair of Westones. However, on the Audio Technica IM70s, looks can be deceiving.

While these IEMs do have two drivers, they are Audio Technica’s special dual-symphonic drivers, designed with both drivers on top of each other to give you real isobaric sound and much better fidelity in all frequencies, in contrast to the side-by-side design of other dual-driver models.

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To make sure you can hear even more clearly, the body of these earbuds is a blend of hard resin and aluminum, cutting down on extra resonance, so you get the most accurate sound picture you possibly can. Essentially, under the odd-looking hood, you’ve got a lot of high-grade engineering designed to reproduce sound with a fidelity you didn’t think you could achieve in an IEM.

Of course, all the technology in the world doesn’t matter if it hurts your ears to keep it in. Fortunately, the Audio Technica ATH-IM70 has you taken care of with Comply ear tips and an over-the-ear design; not only does this make your IEMs more comfortable, but it also cuts down on both ambient noise and potential distortion from your earbud cable, which is also replaceable if you have any problems.

This kind of clarity and comfort is a vocalist’s dream. While the resonance blocking technology and the dual-symphonic drivers may take a bit of the boom out of your bass, the IM70 makes up for it in spades with crystal-clear treble. Anybody who’s looking for less of a woofer and more of a tweeter in their IEMs can really get behind these Audio Technicas.

#2 – Audio Technica ATH-IM02 SonicPro

If, however, you’re looking for something a little more balanced across the spectrum, you might find the Audio Technica ATH-IM02 SonicPros a bit more to your liking. They have more of the traditional IEM aesthetic to them, and they run a more common dual armature driver setup. Of course, Audio Technica has improved on this one as well, adding in a horn-shaped conductor pipe to cut down on resonance.

In addition, this model was designed to fit inside your ears a bit better than other Audio Technica models and stay there (one of their few minor complaints). You’re going to be getting three different sizes of silicone tips as well as a set of Comply foam ear tips as well, so these pieces will stay comfortable.

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Other than that, you’re getting the same kind of high-quality IEM that you would expect from a high-end company like Audio Technica.

Conclusion? IM70s For the Vocalist, IM02s for Everyone Else

Particularly if you’re not a bass-heavy band, these pieces from Audio Technica give you a lot of clarity in higher frequencies. Like we said before, vocalists are going to love the kind of fidelity that the IM70‘s dual symphonic drivers provides, so for anybody who is going to be singing, the choice is pretty clear.

For the rest of the band, IM02s are the way to go; they’re a bit more balanced, but they still have the same kind of treble-focused design that allows you to accurately hear the vocalists through your own beltpacks. This way, everyone can hear what they need to hear, and because these are all Audio Technica products, it’s all going to have the same sound in everyone’s ears.

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