Buying the Best IEM Under $100 – Shure SE215

shureBy now, you’ve seen our recommendation for the top IEM under $50, and while you feel there’s excellent value there, you’re more apt to spending a little more money on a brand you know well. And that brand is Shure, an exceptionally reliable company, having been a part of the recorded audio scene since the Great Depression.

Shure has a flair for bringing quality products to the marketplace. However, every once in awhile they offer a product that is a true bargain, a steal if you will. We are glad to be introducing you with one of such products right now; folks, meet one of the best in ear monitors on today’s market, the Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones.

Introducing the Top Choice IEM Under $100

Their SE line of IEMs have proven themselves time and time again. As proof, there’s the SE-215 model, Shure’s entry level model that sounds anything but entry-level.

The single dynamic driver in these IEMs covers the entire sound spectrum with ease, making sure that you never miss a beat. In addition, you’re getting Shure’s hallmark bass, a nice solid boom that, due to the dynamic driver, really booms just as well as more expensive earmuff style studio headphones.

Combine that with the 37db of ambient noise reduction you get on these IEMs, and it’s easy to lose yourself in some deep, rumbling bass no matter where you are. While this is a real treat for fans of R&B or other heavy bass styles, this doesn’t come at the expense of your high end either, which still sounds crystal clear.

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Of course, even the best drivers in the business can’t work if the electrical impulses don’t reach them. To make sure that you don’t lose any kind of sound quality, the Shure SE-215 comes with a Kevlar reinforced cable to guard against bends, and a gold-plated connector on both ends to make sure the electricity conducts as well as possible.

If the cable should get irrevocably damaged, the cable itself can detach from the earbuds and be replaced, extending the life of your IEM setup by leaps and bounds. Essentially, this IEM will fit any task, do it well, and won’t break your wallet in half either.

Read about the other Shure models here, as they are plentiful, and vary in price and overall build.

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