Buying the Best IEM Under $50 – MEElectronics M6 Pro

M6 meelectronicsIt’s no secret that some IEMs are expensive. For all the technology that gets put into each pair of in-ear monitors, you can expect to pay at least a little bit of money for the added clarity of sound that you get with a good pair.

However, that shouldn’t be a barrier, especially to new musicians who want to start using this great technology to get the most out of their music, or even to anybody who just wants a solid set of earbuds. With the right set for the right price, you can get yourself set up with an IEM rig, get a feel for all the benefits it can offer you, and then upgrade your earbuds to a more high-end set later on.

That’s why we feel it’s necessary to tell you about a brand that delivers high quality IEM’s for under $50. For newbies, starters, and even some experienced musicians who want to buy a pair for themselves, or multiple sets for their staff, there’s absolutely no harm in testing out the MEElectronics M6 Pro unit.

You can find out more about these affordable IEM’s in our dedicated review.

IEM’s at Less Than $50

Even though they’re probably some of the most affordable pieces on the market, the M6 Pro IEMs aren’t just your standard iPod buds. With the M6 Pro, you’ve got a single dynamic driver on an incredibly small, sensitive diaphragm, designed to give you precise sound all over the spectrum and make sure your audio always sounds crisp and clear.

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To make sure you can hear it better, you’ve got real noise isolation with six different sizes of silicone earbud tip, including a set of Comply foam tips; this way, you can get a complete, comfortable seal on your ears to keep ambient noise out and your music in. Of course, comfort inside the ears is only the first step on the M6 Pro, because you’re also getting an up-and-over the ear fit that holds its shape with Memory Wire. With the secure fit on your ears and the memory wire holding its shape, your M6 Pro IEMs will stay comfortable through even the longest sessions, giving you more time to focus on the music, as many singers can attest to.

Just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean the M6 Pro IEMs will break easily, either. These pieces don’t have to stay with your instruments, either; because these inner ear monitors are sweat-resistant, you can use the M6 Pro earbuds for workouts as well, and the fact that your included headset cable comes with a microphone and volume control, you can even use your IEMs for hands-free calling. While it may seem trivial, having all these extra features for your M6 Pro can actually help you gauge your sound more accurately.

m6In addition to getting you used to how these in-ear monitors feel in your ears across a wide range of tasks, you can also compare how your instruments sound compared to everything else going through your M6 Pro, helping you make exactly the sound you’re looking for.

Rather than cheap throw-away pieces, what you’re getting with the M6 Pro are true IEMs with all the important features, perfect for anybody who’s new to the IEM concept. If money’s tight and you still want high-quality sound in an earbud, you could do a lot worse than the MEElectronics M6 Pro.

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