Best Westone In Ear Monitor – UM Pro 10, 20, 30

westone um10Far from just being a pair of earbuds, a good set of IEM earpieces are how you get the most out of your in ear monitor system. A good pair deliver high-quality sound, block out ambient noise, and feel comfortable in your ears, in addition to being just the right amount of money that you’re willing to spend.

Whether you’re a new band or a veteran looking for top-of-the-line IEM gear, you can’t go wrong with a Westone product.

Since the early 60’s, this company has moved from medical hearing devices out into the music and military worlds, and their in-ear monitor reviews are consistently positive so you know you’ve don’t just got a solid company behind you but a solid product as well. For the aspiring musician, we’ve got three good examples of Westone In-Ear Monitors all ready for you to buy, try, and love.

#1 – Westone UM Pro 10

The model designed with the new band in mind, the UM Pro 10 is the entry level model of the Westone Pro line, and it’s going to be some of the best in-ear monitors for the price.

Just because it’s affordable, however, doesn’t mean it’s cheap; what you’re getting with these IEM earbuds is solid sound from a single armature driver, much more efficient and more sensitive than standard speaker drivers.

These smaller drivers also offer you another advantage; the whole setup fits in a compact package that, with the included comfort tips, fits in your ear and stays there without weighing you down or being noticeable by your audience.

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Speaking of your audience, cutting down the size of the driver means something else for you as well; these IEMs can block out much more ambient noise (up to 25 db), which means you only have to listen to what’s coming through your receiver and nothing else. In the middle of a crowded show or in the studio, it will all sound the same to you with your UM Pro 10’s. It’s a top pick for most affordable based on features you’re getting in an IEM.

#2 – Westone UM Pro 20

If you want to get a little more clarity out of your IEMs and don’t mind spending a bit more, the Westone in ear UM Pro 20s may be what you’re looking for.

While these may look and feel like the UM Pro 10s, what you’re getting on the 20s is an additional armature driver in each earbud, which will give you more audio clarity over a larger range.

Other than that, everything remains the same; the fit is the same, and these IEMs are designed to behave just like the other UM Pro models. If you find that your music is on one extreme or the other of the audio spectrum but still like the feel and reliability of your UM Pro 10s, you can upgrade to the 20s quite easily; aside from the improved audio quality and dedicated drivers to both the high and low ends, everything about these is the same.

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You still get all the features you liked on the 10s, like the 25 db ambient noise blocking and detachable up and over cable routing, just with the added benefit of another driver. This is also our pick for the top rated IEM for drummers.

#3 – Westone UM Pro 30

Professional musicians, sound techs, and anybody involved in the nuances of audio that needs a high-end IEM should take their IEMs a step further with the Westone UM Pro 30, the best IEMs in the line.

With three drivers inside, not only are you getting incredible fidelity out of your IEMs, but spreading everything out over multiple drivers means that your earbuds will stay at peak performance for much longer than single driver models, perfect for anybody who uses their IEMs for longer sets.

Same setup as the first two; 25 db isolation, detachable up and over cable, multiple foam and silicone tips for comfort and function, so you don’t have to trash your old earbuds and cables when moving up to the UM Pro 30s.

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With a powerful mid, a booming bass, and a crystal-clear high, these earbuds are the go-to option for people serious about their music; sound professionals, musicians, TV talents, or serious audiophiles can all find something about the Westone UM Pro 30s that hooks them, keeps them interested, and lets them experience sound in a way they never thought possible before. It’s one of our favorite high-end inner ear monitors to date.

Debating Between the Three

Whatever your choice, you can expect Westone’s UM Pro series to give you incredible sound quality for your IEM setup. Simply pick the model best suited to your needs and budget, and know that you can easily upgrade if your situation changes.

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