HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird In-Ear Monitor Review

We’ll point this one right off the bat – HiFiMAN RE-600 In Ear Monitors are top-notch earbuds HiFiMAN_RE400600_Photo_Mainthat deliver a heck of performance at a somewhat hefty, yet lower than expected price.

HiFiMAN are a company that focuses on the high-end niche, and this award-winning pair of IEM headphones is just that — a first-class product. It comes with a gorgeous package loaded with goodies, but first and foremost, it delivers high-quality sound.

We’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, let us slowly proceed to an in-depth in ear monitor review and see what the RE-600 is all about.

HiFiMAN RE-600 Features and Benefits

  • Sound

In the sonic department, these in ear headphones stand out in each segment – low end, middle section, and higher registry – although higher end is where they excel the most. The brightness and clarity that RE-600 offer is nothing short of stellar, meaning that if you’re a fan of raw vibe and music styles that don’t heavily rely on basses and lower registry, you’re in for a hoot.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy EDM or rap, or any other bass-driven style on these, they will all sound top-notch, but it’s the clearer audio types where these IEM headphones truly excel.

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  • Design and Durability

The product is available in a single color and features an elegant, sleek, four-pin balanced output design. Very classy and effective, but then there’s the package… Wow! Just at it – that classy, luxurious leather casing isn’t something you see every day with a pair of in ear monitors, and it’s definitely a feature bound to draw massive attention to the item.

But don’t think even for a second that these earbuds are all about looks, because sound quality is their strongest point by absolute all means.

When it comes to durability, the item features fairly thick cables that are not prone to breaking or malfunctioning. The manufacturer opted to give users top-quality cables rather than relying on detachable ones and the results are quite good – very few customers report faulty headphones and the majority of them works without a hitch for quite long periods of time.

  • Accessories

Quite a load of goodies we have here, as these in ear headphones sport a vast array of various tips, probably the biggest collection available on the market.

Specifically, we have three pairs of small bi-flanges, two pairs of filtered single-flange tips, a line of large single-flange clear tips, a big set of long single-flange tips, two sets of HiFiMan’s large bi-flanges, another set of large single-flanges, as well as two sets of Comply foam tips available in two sizes.

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  • Specifications

Just so we have every technical aspect covered, we’d like to present you with the manufacturer’s list of official features to include the device’s frequency response, impedance, sensitivity and other techy points.

  • 5mm mini plug
  • Mini adapter for regular earphone jack
  • Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 22 KHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
  • Weight: 0.48 Oz (13.7 g)

HiFiMan RE-600 Pros and Cons

HiFiMan-RE-600-14So to round up our thoughts in a brief pros and cons rundown, what we have here is a high-end product. The sound that HiFiMan Re 600 in ear monitors offer is indeed exceptional, capable of covering just about any genre and offering amazing clarity and brightness.

This is also a sturdy item that comes in an exquisite package that even the biggest audiophiles focused purely on the aspect of sound quality cannot avoid nor resist.

On the cons side, there is very little to find wrong with these IEM’s. Some counter and say the bass is a little weak, but that’s a rare observation. Others are surprised by the price but the Shure 315’s are comparable in price and may not be able to meet the output these HifiMan give off.  Now, RE-600s are available for $200, making them a great deal on all fields.

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If you are looking to make an investment and enrich the sound quality of your daily music routine, the HiFiMan RE600 is a very fine choice for such an endeavor. High-quality sound, great durability, luxurious design and packaging, and a fair price – what more can a self-respecting audiophile ask for? “Should I buy HiFiMan RE600 in ear headphones?” you ask. Yes, if you’re looking to spend a few extra dollars for the sake of high quality, you most definitely should.

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