Review of Decibullz CON-BLK Contour Custom Molded In-Ears

LB4-350x350With a good set of IEMs, one of your biggest challenges is going to be getting a good seal between the monitor and your ears. Without one, you’re severely hampering your IEM’s ability to block out ambient noise, and even the best model IEMs suffer because of it, so naturally, it should be a huge concern, especially in the lower range.

Of course, you’ve got options to tighten your seal, ranging from switching out buds to having an entirely custom insert made for your specific ears, but that can sometimes be inadequate for the former and can always be too expensive for the latter. For the casual user or amateur musician, the middle road seems much more comfortable; a design that, while not truly custom, gives you a much tighter seal than just your standard buds alone.

To that end, we bring you the Contour Custom Molded In-Ear Headphones by Decibullz to help bridge the gap, helping you get a set of custom in ear monitors without breaking the bank.

The Custom In Ears 

Just what makes the Decibullz IEMs so special? For starters, it’s a much wider, more modular design than plain earbuds, thanks to a special thermoplastic peripheral. Much like a new mouth guard, you simply boil the special mold for a few minutes, snap the headphone and earbud around the mold, and place it in your ear. After a few minutes, the mold will cool and keep its shape, and you’ll have a fairly custom set of IEMs, perfect for athletes or musicians who like to move with their music.

Of course, this doesn’t mean these earbuds are one-and-done boilers. If you find the seal is weakening, you can do the whole thing all over again to make sure you keep a tight seal between your ear and your earbud. In addition to staying in your ears more securely, molded in ear monitors also makes wearing earbuds even more comfortable; by spreading the IEM earbud out over a larger area, you get less weight and pressure all over, allowing you to keep your earbuds in for longer sets and longer workouts.

Who Could Use the Molded In Ear Monitors?

Honestly, anybody who has ever owned a pair of headphones has wanted a tighter, custom seal without having to pay for the privilege, and the Decibullz system can fit the bill for almost any situation. Naturally, the fact that these custom in-ear headphones stay in your ears even through serious motion (as their ads like to point out) is a huge boon to athletes, cross-trainers, and anybody whose workout involves a lot of rapid motion.

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It stays in your ears, keeps ambient noise and sweat out, and looks cool while doing it. In addition, the improved seal is great for people who listen to music for concentration, allowing even easily distracted people complete silence and focus wherever they go. As an accessory to an IEM setup for a musician, these fit the bill as well. By running your belt pack through a set of Decibullz custom molded headphones, you can focus that much more on your sound.

Because the seal is so good, you might want to make sure your sound engineer is also piping in some ambient noise as well, just to avoid isolating yourself completely in live sets. However, that’s an easy fix when you compare it to all the benefits a good set of custom molded IEMs can offer you and your music.

What Are People Saying?

Reviews on these custom in-ear monitors have been generally pretty positive; if the reviews are to be believed, however, if people like these IEMs, they absolutely adore them. After some initial time learning just how to mold these custom in-ear headphones, reviewers claim that these are a great alternative to active noise canceling headphones, that they’ll stay in, even on a motorcycle, and that they’re a great fit for anybody with oddly shaped ears.

Like any other good product, there are a few bad reviews; fortunately for the Decibullz, they all center around trying to get the thermoplastic to mold properly. If you want to get the most of out of these custom in-ears, you owe it to yourself to take some time and learn to mold the plastic properly; once you get it working, you’ll recognize how well they work almost immediately.

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Conclusion? A Great Utility Headphone

These pieces from Decibullz aren’t ever going to be the best IEMs, nor are they going to be the best workout headphones or the best noise cancelers. However, they are going to do all three better than any other one headphone on the market today. A great pair of jack-of-all-trades headphones, these are perfect for you if you want a single pair of IEMs that you can take to the gym, the library, and the stage all without popping them out. These IEMs from Decibullz really shine when they’re doing everything at once, so if that sounds like you, then these will be an absolutely perfect fit, for both your ears and your life.

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