Shure P2TR215CL-H2 PSM 200 Hybrid Bodypack System Review

***UPDATE*** – The Shure P3TRA215CL PSM300 Wireless Stereo Personal Monitor System has recently been released and is an upgrade over the PSM200 version.

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When you’re looking for an in ear monitor, either as a musician or a sound engineer, you’ll be surprised about just how many choices you have on the market. If you haven’t looked around and figured out exactly what you want, you can easily get bombarded with technical jargon and pay twice as much for a setup you don’t really need.

Nevertheless, In-Ear Monitors, or IEMs, are phenomenal pieces of equipment that are designed to help musicians hear themselves without the need for floor monitors or wedges. If you’re looking for a solid platform to work with, you’ll find the Shure PSM 200 Hybrid Personal Bodypack System is a great choice for any kind of musician and every kind of venue.

The Shure PSM200 Setup

What you’re getting with this system is the whole package; a Shure PSM 200 Hybrid Bodypack, a wireless transmixer, and a set of Shure SE215 earbuds. Right off the bat, you’ve got options on the Shure PSM200 bodypack that aren’t available on any other IEM on the market today; the receiver can work both wirelessly and with a wire.

Because it functions as a wireless and a wired in-ear monitor system, the bodypack is absolutely perfect for any kind of musician; vocalists and people who need to move around a lot can use the wireless option, while stationary performers can simply plug their cord into the receiver and get a better sound quality.

In addition to its wired/wireless abilities, the transmitter on your Shure PSM 200 is designed to work with whatever IEMs you prefer.

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With a built in headphone limiter and a high-gain/low-gain switch, as well as volume and frequency controls, you can easily dial in to get the most out of either low-end buds or high-end studio earphones for recording sessions without losing any sound quality.

In addition to its unique features, the PSM 200 IEM also does all the things you’d expect a bodypack receiver to do. The frequency locator makes it easy for you to find exactly the sound you’re looking for and stay there, while the LED display makes it easy for you to see everything else.

Your wireless Transmixer is another great piece of gear that gives you options in this set. Rather than just taking one instrument or vocals on a half-rack setup, you can plug two different instruments into the same Transmixer half-rack and simply balance them yourself right from the transmitter. This is a particularly useful piece for anybody who sings and plays an instrument at the same time; with the Transmixer, you can hear a little bit of both your instrument and your vocals without having to coordinate with your sound engineer.

If everyone in your band does a little bit of vocals, then having a few of these setups is absolutely perfect; you can easily balance what you’re doing with the rest of your group, sounding in sync every step of the way. We agree it’s one of the best in-ear monitor systems.

Reviews of the Wireless and Wired In Ear Monitor System

shure_p3tra215clReviews for the whole PSM 200 P2TR215CL-H2 set, which includes the Transmixer, the bodypack, and the SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones, have been positive.

In addition to the fans who find the packs to be comfortable and robust, a good portion of the reviews from popular music sites claim that the Shure PSM 200 is a great setup for new musicians because it’s powerful enough to keep around for many years.

Of course, the fact that this product is not exactly cheap also leads to its few negative complaints; the few negative in-ear monitor reviews about the Shure PSM are that some random static or hiss can occur occasionally and, if used excessively, can drain batteries quickly. If you’re going to use these products for long periods of time, you can alleviate this problem a bit by using a set of rechargeable 9 volt batteries and keeping as many bodypacks wired as possible.

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Conclusion? A Great Buy

The Shure PSM system is a great set for new bands, old bands, sound engineers, or studios to have on hand. It’s versatile enough to work with stationary or moving performers, it does what it needs to do, and all the pieces are top-notch. A professional studio could keep a spare set of these pieces around in case of some problems with the talent’s personal setup and be all ready to go almost immediately. Anybody who wants to start out in IEMs and wants a setup that gives them options can get a Shure setup that will last all the way through their musical career.

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