Shure SE215-CL In Ear Monitors Review

In the intricate realm of audio technology, Shure stands out as one of the high-end names universally SE215-CLpraised by the audiophiles and music aficionados. Their top-rate products are somewhat of a household name and they always make sure that every product they deliver comes with the highest quality certificates and standards.

Therefore, the items in their catalog are often quite pricey, much like every top-notch piece of equipment out there. However, every once in  a while they offer a product that is a true bargain, a steal if you will. We are glad to be introducing you with one of such products right now; folks, meet one of the best in ear monitors on today’s market, the Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones.

If you won’t take our word that these earbuds are worth purchasing, make sure to proceed further to the Features section and check out why this is among our favorite Shure IEMs. It’s also our pick as the top choice IEM under $100.

Features of the Shure SE215 IEMs

We prefer getting straight into the meaty bit, so we’ll bring up a few attention-grabbing (and attention-worthy) features right off the bat.

First off, these in-ears offer a killer sound. More will be discussed in the Sound section, but the audio output this product provides is very rich, warm, covering every side of the sonic spectrum and able to cater to fans of just about every music genre out there. For the majority of the crowd, this is already the point where they decide to make the purchase, as the ratio of sound quality and affordable price is through the roof in the buyer’s advantage.

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Additionally, the Shure SE 215 offer full noise cancellation to the user, also referred to as sound isolation.  This means that music gets in, and everything else is cancelled out. We live in a noisy world, and it’s very easy to have your music drowned in background sounds, as this pair of earbuds overcomes that problem with ease.

Much like every high-end set of in-ear monitors, the Shure 215 includes a detachable cable. This essentially protects you from faulty cables and allows you to keep using the quality buds even if one of the cables break. It also allows you to go hard on the cables, provided that you buy the next pair, of course.


When asked to name the most important point of any headphones, the vast majority of users will give a fairly predictable, yet logical answer – the sound. The company kept this point in mind while producing the Shure SE215 and delivered one of the best-sounding products on the market.

The sound of SE215 is loaded with bass, but also has enough clarity, a punchy mid section and a healthy amount of treble to even it out. The result is a deluxe sound that can cover a vast array of genres with equally successful results. Whether you’re into hip hop, rock, classical music, heavy metal, EDM, or any popular genre, these Shure in ear headphones have you covered.


The design of this product is simple, yet effective. It’s all fairly standard, nothing flashy, quality sound shureonly. Available in black and white color, the Shure SE215 features a transparent casing and a set of matching original cables.


When it comes to product specs, these earbuds are lightweight and offer a low-profile shape with an optimized nozzle to fit any user’s ear. The precise shipping weight is 5.6 ounces (160 grams), while the precise item dimensions are 3 x 7 x 2 inches.

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Shure SE215 Pros and Cons

Rounding up our thoughts with the pros and cons segment, we’ll once again point out that it is very difficult to get a sound of this rich quality at the given price anywhere on the web. This Shure 215 is a product that caters to audiophiles and as such hardly gives any attention to any side details and focuses purely on the sound. The users agree that results are very satisfying and praise this device as one of the best in ear monitors out there.

As for cons, certain users find the lack of control function as a drawback. If you use these headphones on a phone and want to answer calls or simply switch songs, you’ll have to go through the ordeal of pulling out the device. Additionally, it might take some time to get accustomed to the fit-design, but that varies from user to user.


It’s simple – buy these now. Such a brief, dare we say aggressive conclusion might seem like a crass thing to say, but top-notch sound rarely comes in an affordable package, and this is one of the very few cases where it does. Buyers have reached consensus and given these Shure in ear headphones a major thumbs-up.

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