Shure SE315-CL In Ear Monitors Review

shure-se315The SE315 are a prime representative of isolating earphones coming straight from the workshops of one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of audio equipment – Shure.

The Shure SE315 continues the company’s tradition in a way that this is a high-end product available at a fairly affordable price. No cuts were made in the sonic department and pretty much everything about this product screams first class.

Being experienced in the field of in ear monitor reviews, we can say without a hint of doubt that a pair of Shure 315’s ranks among the very top of its product niche. Very nice features, first class sound, great durability, and even an affordable price when overall quality is taken into consideration. But more of that in the full review, off to the features and specs below!

Shure SE315 Features

  • Sound

The Shure in ear monitors offer a crystal clear sound for just about any style and genre of music, as well as for the majority of audio formats used today.  Every sonic frequency is well covered, as the headphones deliver a rich and warm low end,  punchy middle frequencies, and bright and clear higher registry to even out the final audio output.

Needless to say, this ensures a great deal of versatility when it comes to musical genres that these Shure IEM can cover – if you’re into bass-fueled music like EDM, rap, hip-hop, or various forms of electronic music, the Shure 315 ensures a massive groove with loads of beat and without as much as a pinch of sound distortion.

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On the other hand, if you’re into punk rock or any other raw form of music, the brightness of the higher sonic registry of these Shure in ear headphones will allow you to feel the pure energy that the artist is trying to deliver.

Finally, fans or more demanding styles such as progressive music or classical music will be pleased with the aforementioned efficiency on all fronts, which allows the galloping, constantly switching moods and vibes of their favorite artists to always shine at their fullest.

  • Design

The Shure SE315 feature sleek and subtle design that is quite comfortable on the ears and easy on the eyes. The product is available in two colors – the transparent Clear design and the elegant Black pattern.

  • Specifications

Among all the Shure 315 specs listed by the manufacturer, we’d like to draw you attention to the following few aspects. First of all, the item features detachable cables, a common and very convenient feature of high-end earbuds. Essentially, this allows you to quickly replace faulty cables and continue using the headphones for much longer period of time.

And speaking of cables, they are quite sturdy and durable, more than capable of withstanding a few bends and punches. The whole product in general boasts high durability and does not tend to break easily.

  • Accessories

The Shure SE315 come on their own within the standard package. However, the manufacturer is offering a few separate accessories on the side, specifically the Shure CBL-M-+K Music phone cable with remote plus microphone for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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Shure SE315 Pros and Cons

se315-03As noted, the sound quality stands out as the biggest positive side of these Shure in ear headphones – it’s nothing short of stellar. The build quality is also great, the level of sonic versatility is high, the item features detachable cables, comes with a warranty, and even sports a neat design.

We should also point out that the price is this product’s positive side. Sure, it’s not a cheap pair of headphones we’re talking about, but for the quality they offer, the Shure 315 are a bargain.

On the cons side, the product utilizes foam pads, and silicone pads might have been a better pick for frequent users of earbuds as they offer both easier removal and greater isolation.

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When all the factors are combined, the conclusion is quite easy to draw here. These Shure in ear monitors cater the fans of quality sound and audiophiles who are willing to make a solid investment, but are also in pursuit of a good bang for the buck. The sound they offer is stellar, whoever asked us if they should buy a pair we always said yes, because this is a product you cannot go wrong with.

They improve upon the Shure 215 with single high definition MicroDriver and tuned BassPort. Find out more here with our full listing of the top Shure IEM’s and compare the multiple options.

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