Top Brainwavz In Ear Monitors – S0, Pro Alpha

As a musician, music plays a big part in your life. You want to be able to hear it when you play as clearly as you can on stage, so your music sounds as good to you as it does to your audience. When you’re not playing music, however, you’re probably listening to music, either to learn or simply to unwind. With a good set of In-Ear Monitors (or IEMs), you can actually do both with the same high-quality headphone set.

Whether you’re on a crowded bus or on stage, you can count on getting the same kind of performance quality when you’ve got IEMs from Brainwavz, a relatively new company on the audio circuit that is already making a name for itself. Here, we’ve got two great examples of Brainwavz’s signature hi-fi sound that will be perfect for both performance and pleasure.

#1 – Brainwavz S0 IEM Headphones

At first glance, these Brainwavz in-ear monitor earbuds might just look generic; In the case of the Brainwavz S0 IEMs, looks can be incredibly deceiving.

What you’re actually getting are a pair of ambient noise blocking earbuds done up in solid aluminum and balanced across the entire sound spectrum with single driver 9mm dynamic speakers.

This model, the smallest and newest in the Brainwavz line takes everything that made their S5 great and scales it down to make it more affordable for the consumer. Of course, when we say “scaled down”, we don’t mean it negatively; if the in-ear monitor reviews are to be believed, the balance on the S0 is even better than the S5, making it more suitable for more genres of music.

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Like all Brainwavz products, the S0 also comes with a solid carrying case and six sets of earbud tips which includes a bi-flange and tri-flange silicone tips and a pair of Comply S-400 series foam tips, so you can choose the tips that feel best in your ears and let you keep listening all day long.

Already, you can tell what the advantages of having balanced inner ear monitors are, particularly if you have a diverse musical taste. Because these earbuds are dynamically balanced so well, all of your music will sound as crisp as possible across the spectrum. Of course, these same advantages are still there when you use these IEMs with a bodypack receiver and transmitter for performing music.

Even without the sound engineer adjusting levels on his end, you’ll get a fairly accurate representation of how you sound no matter what style of music you’re playing. The S0s are small enough to stay comfortable in your ear, but pack the punch of a much larger, much more expensive set of earmuffs, so you can listen to crisp, clear tones wherever you are and doing whatever you’re doing.

#2 – Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones

brainwavz-alphaIf, however, you really prefer having a rich, deep bass in your music instead of something more generally balanced, you’re going to find that the Brainwavz ProAlpha series are the most affordable way to get an impressive in-ear bass experience.

These IEMs take their predecessor, the Brainwavz Alphas, and improve the whole sound spectrum with a larger dynamic driver and an emphasis on a more powerful low end.

In addition, the new metal alloy cables have cleaned out a lot of impurities traditionally inside headphone wires, so you can get the clearest possible sound on the ProAlphas with less distortion than other comparably priced IEMs.

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Once again, the advantages are pretty obvious; anybody who plays or listens to hard rock or R&B can hear a whole new dimension of sound with the ProAlpha’s bass-centered design. This is also a great IEM for anybody who wants an affordable IEM that doesn’t just sound like a pair of generic earbuds, or anybody who plans to use their monitors in equal parts for performing and listening to MP3s.

Conclusion? Great First IEMs

Brainwavz may be a relatively new company offering a deeply discounted high-quality piece of IEM hardware, but this is one of the few companies who can really put their money where their mouth is. Riding the bar between performance IEM and high-end earbuds, both of these models have been considered  the best in-ear headphones for the price by resident audiophiles, all of whom are impressed that such clarity can come from such inexpensive IEMs.

If you’re on the fence about the whole concept of IEM earbuds and want to try an inexpensive pair, both the S0 and the ProAlpha earbuds can not only show you how useful IEMs really are, but can also take the place of your day-to-day earbuds as well. Put down a little money on these Brainwavz products, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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