VSONIC VSD3S Inner Ear Earphones Review

The Vsonic VSD3S is one of the company’s latest products in its line of best in ear monitors that mix vsd3squality performance with an affordable price. Users agree that the sleek appearance is what makes this product instantly stand out, but also insist that not even for a second should you think that it’s all about the looks, as this is a gadget that delivers on all fields.

So apart from the diamond-cutting appearance, these IEM headphones boast some neat specs, as well as every Vsonic quality standard and certificate. This item is reliable and comes as a fine addition to tech gear of every music aficionado out there. Time to present you with some in ear monitor reviews, off with the specs and features now.

Features of the Vsonic VSD3S EarPhones


Commonly dubbed as one of the best in ear monitors on the market for classical and jazz music, the VSD3S headphones have been specially adjusted by the manufacturer to deliver very rich mid and low frequencies, resulting in a slightly higher amount of bass response, as well as an increase in the soundstage department.

The basses are rich, thick and packed to the gills with massive groove. The mids are also a prominent faction, resulting in a punchier sonic output. Finally, the treble was adjusted to make the sound even and not fully buried in the lower frequencies.

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In the esthetic department, the product is nothing short of gorgeous, offering the aforementioned transparent diamond-cutting IEM structure and a set of non-detachable cables. Typically described as cheap in ear monitors (aka, affordable), these headphones certainly don’t look budget-friendly, as the plastic case feels sturdy and looks quite luscious. The smooth soft case that comes in the package also gives you the feel of a full-on high-end product.


Apart from the IEM headphones, the VSD3S is neatly rounded up into a small package with 5 pairs of ear-tips, a soft case and one pair of ear guides. It is worth noting that the product used to come with detachable cables, which is no longer the case, as the company faced various technical issues and ultimately switched to the non-detachable approach.


In the technical department, it is worth noting that these earphones offer a maximum input of 30 mW and deliver a sound frequency of 5 Hz to 31.5 kHz. To get the full picture, a detailed list of specs is available below.

  • Frequency: 5 Hz-31.5 kHz
  • Impedance: 40 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108+ dB
  • Maximum Input: 30 mW
  • Cord length: 1.3 m
  • Plug Size: 3.5 mm
  • Driver Units: Dynamic

Vsonic VSD3S Pros and Cons

As noted, the VSD3S are cheap in ear monitors, and considering the sound quality they offer, users agree that price is one of this item’s biggest strengths. Somewhat of a niche product, these IEM headphones cater to fans of jazz and classical music with a broad sound specter, and are praised for top-notch sound isolation and overall sonic clarity.

vsonicThey call them the best IEM headphones for classical music, but there’s another genre that stands out above the rest when ran through a pair of these Vsonic in-ears – hip-hop. The rich low-end will enable the rap beat to stand out and make you bop your head to the tight beat.

The mentioned genres in fact indicate the type of music for which you can say VSD3S are best IEMs for – the music that implements a standardized set of instruments and doesn’t go too far overboard. If your music is too demanding in terms of dynamics and utilizes a lot of instruments of different ranges, you likely won’t appreciate them being packed into the mid-range.

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When it comes to cons, it’s all in the eye of beholder. We are talking music after all, so the bottom line very much comes down to your personal preferences. If you’re into punk rock, hard core, or more intricate rock subgenres such as prog, you might want to steer clear from these, but if you’re into hip-hop, jazz, classical, or even EDM, this is a deal you most definitely don’t want to miss.


In a nutshell, what we have here is one of the best in ear monitors within the given price range. If you like your music to be have a large soundstage and a warm, rich low end, look no further than Vsonic VSD3S. The manufacturer went for a certain vibe and stuck to it, aiming to satisfy the crowd by all means.

Vsonic_VSD3S_Regardless of musical preferences, the users agree that this is one gorgeous looking product – the transparent diamond-cutting looks are breathtaking and the large earpieces give it an extra dose of futuristic charm.

So you question is “Should I buy Vsonic VSD3S?” Our answer is “Yes, you should.” Because it’s not common that a pair of affordable in ear headphones delivers such a high-quality sound. Look sexy and groove along the rich bass, we know you’ll love it.

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